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CBD Business

We empower people and create business
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How it works

Qualified vendors must first apply to sell on the marketplace.

Upon approval, get started by creating your account.


You can add your products one at a time or in large batches


Get notified when customers buy your products


Fulfill your customer orders on time

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We will deposit money in your bank account

Why sell on CBDmart

Selling on our marketplace will help you grow your CBD business.

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INCREASE sales by getting instant access to millions of customers

How Vendors Will Benefit

Our marketplace focuses on delivering a unique shopping experience

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Attract New Customers

You benefit from people searching your products but don’t know

your brand

Improve Your Products

You get access to valuable product feedback & reviews

Start Selling Quickly

Grow your business without having to spend any money on marketing



Gain visibility into the demographics and buying behavior of your customers

Gain Instant Level of Trust

People who trust the marketplace will automatically trust you

Get Paid


We handle all payments from customers so you don’t have to

worry about it